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At RoTunneling VPN, you can pay for the VPN service, with BITCOIN!

At RoTunneling VPN, you can pay for the VPN service, with BITCOIN!
This payment method is offered in partnership with Netopia Romania.
Our payment processor, Netopia, when paying via Bitcoin, will automatically generate a Bitcoin wallet, which will be displayed to the buyer.
Netopia calculates the value of the payment amount in BTC and displays it.
The buyer can use the wallet id or can scan the QR code displayed, to make the payment.
We then receive the payment in LEI from the payment processor. We generate the fiscal invoice in LEI to the client. Netopia functioning in this case as a BTC exchange.
In case of a refund, the payment processor, functioning as a Bitcoin exchange, in one direction, the value of the service will be returned in LEI.
For this, it will be necessary that together, with the refund request, you do not specify an IBAN account together with the SWIFT code.
But what is Bitcoin?
Bitcoin is a digital currency, or "cryptocurrency" because it uses special encryption technology to secure transactions within its infrastructures, which is, in fact, a distributed online database, also known as a "blockchain".
This currency only exists in electronic format and is not something you can keep in your wallet.
Imagine being able to send any amount of money to anyone, anywhere in the world, anytime, without the possibility of funds being frozen, for little or no cost.
Bitcoin's security level is high, as it is based on proven security cryptographic primitives. 
Also, the architecture should avoid fraudulent practices, such as "double spending" or unjustified changes in the system's operational policies.
Bitcoin has opened the Pandora's Box currency.
Over time, the Bitcoin economy has grown, died, regenerated, evolved, metastasized, and developed at an extremely fast pace. 
One thing is for sure: Bitcoin has not disappeared.
This irreversible decentralized peer-to-peer cryptocurrency now offers an extraordinary utility to hundreds of thousands of people every day.
It also makes it easy and possible, to anonymously pay for goods or services online. 
This is extremely important if you want to protect your privacy on the Internet using virtual private networks (VPNs).
Therefore, it is recommended that you do not trust a VPN that does not accept bitcoins. 

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