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What is RoTunneling VPN?

The purpose of RoTunneling VPN service is to help users access the Internet without censorship and to ensure their safety while surfing the internet.

It is a service that aims to help censored users reach the internet, it removes the limitations in the following cases :

It removes the limitation in the following cases:

- You don’t access to all website (Facebook or another website might be blocked by your ISP)
- You cannot access certain games, P2P programs or instant messaging, etc…
- Your internet access is via a proxy and your favorite application doesn’t have the option to connect via proxy.

What other benefits do I have?

RoTunneling VPN also protects your personal data against interception and plays an important role when you are connected to the Internet via a public network from a hotel, hostel, college dorm, restaurant, and you need to access personal accounts containing important information like bank account details, your email, etc.

In today’s world, even a phone cell is remarkably easy to intercept your call or your internet traffic. Now imagine how easy it is to intercept your computer traffic, especially from a public WiFi Spot. Where does RoTunneling come in? RoTunneling VPN has a technology that encrypts your traffic with AES 128, this makes your traffic unintelligible and if people will interact them it will be impossible to decipher.


What isn’t RoTunneling VPN?

This service is not intended for the following:

- This is not a service intended for user anonymity. We do not tolerate illegal activities.
- It is strictly forbidden to use the VPN network to send unsolicited email (spam).
- It is strictly forbidden to use the VPN to exploit informational systems.
- It is strictly forbidden to use the VPN for DDoS attacks.
- It is strictly forbidden to use the VPN for fraud, illegal access to applications, databases, to access child pornography, and any actions must abide the laws of this country (Romania) and also international laws. Especially, but not only the law 161/2003 including all changes until the current date.


I mistyped my phone number or email address, and because of that I can't activate my account, what can I do?

Please address this to our support department, you must specify your account name, what you have mistyped and the correct information.

The account activation is necessary only in order to benefit from TRIAL, if you don't want TRIAL, you can make a payment and your account will be automatically activated.


I cannot connect to the VPN, what can I do?

Check if you have the latest version of the application (the RoTunneling VPN Client), if you have an older version, uninstall it and install the latest one

If you have internet access via proxy, the application will import the settings from your Internet Options (Chrome, Internet Explorer). Check that you have those settings set and hit the „Auto Detect Proxy” application. All Programs > RoTunneling VPN > Auto Detect Proxy. This will be turned off after setting the Internet Proxy Settings in Options and will import them. Also if you manually set the proxy settings in Opera / Firefox you will need to disable it.

If you intend to use the service in a location where is not necessary a proxy setting, you will need to run the “Remove Proxy” application that can be found in All Programs > RoTunneling VPN > Remove Proxy. All the proxy settings will be disabled. If you need to re-set them, follow the steps from the previous point.

If your ISP has blocked the port or the current server, select another server or another port for your connection.

There is a possibility that some firewall programs/antivirus programs to interfere with the RoTunneling VPN client if your connection is accompanied by alerts from your antivirus program or from your firewall set them to allow the RoTunneling Client. If this doesn’t work try disabling them.


I want to change my subscription or to change my payment interval. What can I Do?

To change your subscription plan, please send an email to [email protected] before your next payment. You will need to include the desired new subscription and your username.

If you wish to change your payment interval, in your account you have the option to set your payment to one month, three months or six months.


How can I pay?

International payment is currently supported only via credit card.

card payments


How do I choose the best package?

We always look to be closer to our clients and we do this by understanding your needs and adapting our services regarding to them.

Thus we have implemented a speed test in the login page that opens after your first connection to the VPN service in order to see exactly what speed you can get with the server in relation with your current internet connection.

The speed test from the login page has the highest accuracy thankfully to the technology used by RoTunneling VPN which compresses and accelerates your internet connection. Therefore before opting for a package, we recommend you download and install the RoTunneling VPN Client and then to do a speed test to each of the servers available in the list. The speed test will occur after login.

This is done strictly in your best interests to help you optimize costs and choose the right package in a relationship with your internet connection speed.

However, test results differ from computer to computer, differ from server to server and especially differ on different internet connections. We recommend you to do this tests on each computer/internet connection you use the most often.

I forgot my username or password.

For security reasons, you can recover them only by sending an email to [email protected] from your registered email asking so.


If this page doesn’t answer all the questions, you can contact us at [email protected] and we will be glad to answer all your questions.

Bogdan Torcescu:

Email: [email protected]

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