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An important security component of RoTunneling VPN is its DNS, which is available for free and has the following roles:

  • It prevents malware infection by blocking servers known to distribute malware.
  • It prevents you from becoming a victim of phishing by blocking servers known to host phishing campaigns.
  • If you are infected with malware, it blocks access to the servers it uses for command and control (c&c), to deactivate the malware as much as possible.
  • It removes scripts that mine cryptocurrencies that use your computer to mine for them when you visit some sites.
  • It protects you from becoming a victim of malvertising campaigns.
  • It protects you from becoming a victim of ransomware campaigns.
  • It removes most of the ads, without affecting the functioning of the sites.
  • It increases anonymity by blocking trackers, which can normally identify you, even when you use a VPN service or different internet connections.
By making RoTunneling DOH, free is our way of addressing the increasingly frequent computer attacks of recent years.

How do I configure RoTunneling DOH?

To configure RoTunneling DOH, your device must support DNS over HTTPS, and in its settings, you must enter the following address:
For all Apple devices (iPhone, MacBook), to configure the DOH, it is enough to download and install the following configuration profile:
For Android it is necessary to use a helper application that allows you to use DNS over HTTPS, so we recommend Nebulo, after installation, add a new server with the address:
For browser with DOH support (Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Brave), search in settings for 'Use secure DNS'/'Enable DNS over HTTPS', and fill it with: 

What is DNS over HTTPS (DOH)?

Communication via the Internet is between the client's and the server's IP, and as IPs can change, and are difficult to remember, domain names are used instead, e.g. is a domain name, that your computer solves it in an IP, to be able to communicate with the server.
Domain name resolution (transformation of domains into IPs) is done by the DNS.
Classically, DNS-type traffic is not encrypted, so it can be intercepted or tracked by the ISP and by bad people, so the DOH technology makes this traffic encrypted, thus ensuring the confidentiality of the sites accessed by you.
In addition to this benefit, we also introduced additional protection by removing malicious traffic.

How do you ensure data anonymity?

We have 2 layers of data anonymization:
  • The traffic made through RoTunneling DOH passes through Cloudflare, so our server sees an intermediate IP of Cloudflare, not the real IP of the client.
  • We simply don't store anything, because it is beyond the purpose.

How does RoTunneling DOH work?

We have 2 layers of protection:
  • One was developed by us, and it is based on lists of thread intelligence, abuse, phishing, ransomware, trackers, c&c, malvertising, etc... which we continuously improve.
  • And one layer is provided by Cloudflare DNS Anti-Malware, which we use as an upstream resolver.
As new threats appear daily, no security solution can be perfect, so we strive to block most of the threats, and yet no one can block them all.
It is also possible to encounter false positives, that is, certain sites for example do not work correctly, do not open, because they were wrongly marked as having malicious content or they had it, in the past and now it was removed.
If you encounter one of the 2 cases above, you can write to support or in the feedback form, together with the malicious link that is not blocked or the legitimate link that is erroneously blocked and we will correct the error.

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