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How to choose the right VPN Plan, SpeedTest

We always look to be closer to our clients and we do this by understanding your needs and adapting our services regarding them.

We recommend that you choose the biggest plan for the trial and run a speed test, using the VPN service in order to see exactly what speed you can get with the server in relation with your current internet connection. After you get the results you can change your plan according to your real speed from your account in order to optimize your costs.

The speed test through VPN has the highest accuracy thankfully to the technology used by RoTunneling VPN which compresses and accelerates your internet connection. 

This is done strictly in your best interests to help you optimize costs and choose the right package in the relationship with your internet connection speed.

However, test results differ from computer to computer, differ from server to server and especially differ on different internet connections. We recommend you to do these testes on each computer/internet connection you use the most often.

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